Dental Technology

Dental Technology

image of a Waterlase Dental laser machine Technology has entered our profession just like it has in every facet of life. Great advances in almost all areas of dentistry have impacted the tools we use, easing your comfort and time we need to examine and restore your teeth.

At Hudsonville Dental, we pride ourselves in being one of the most technologically advanced dental offices in Western Michigan. What does it mean to have a digital dental office?

All of our patient charts are digital.

We no longer maintain paper charts stuffed with paperwork, clinical records, and x-rays, making your information more readily available. This also means there is no risk that your chart will become lost or destroyed by a fire or flood. Digital charts are secure, and only authorized users in our office can access them. We back up all of our data on a daily basis and store it in a secured location.

All of the x-rays we take in our office are digital.

Whenever we take an x-ray, it is directly inserted into your digital chart, eliminating the need to send traditional film x-rays through an x-ray processor and saving you time. Digital x-rays also emit up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays, reducing your exposure.

We use new impression-taking technology.

Do you hate having those messy, goopy impressions taken during a crown procedure? Recent advances in dental technology now allow us to capture impressions of your teeth digitally, without the need for traditional messy impressions. At our office, we use a digital impression-taking machine called the Cadent iTero. The system uses a special camera to take digital images of your teeth, which are then processed by the computer to design a digital model. Once the scan is complete, it is sent to the lab, where it is processed and milled into a precise model of your teeth.

What is the advantage for you? Primarily, your comfort! The digital scan usually only takes about 5 minutes, significantly less than the amount of time the traditional impression take. Also, you will not need to have messy impressions taken, which can be uncomfortable for some patients. Finally, the model is an exact replica of your mouth, so crowns generally fit better and require fewer adjustments.


Please click on any of the logos below to learn more about that service.

the Diagnodent logo
DIAGNOdent is a small dental laser that is capable of detecting cavities in teeth. This means we are able to detect cavities when they are smaller, which results in a smaller restoration.

the Velscope logo
VELscope has a specialized handpiece that emits a beam of light into your mouth, which lets us detect abnormal tissue that may be oral cancer, even before it is visible on the surface.

Waterlase Laser Dentistry logo
Heat and vibration are the causes of most of the discomfort associated with a dental drill. Many dental procedures can be performed without anesthesia using our Waterlase dental laser.