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Nervous about your next dental visit?

Nitrous Oxide – Laughing Gas

If you’re a little nervous or anxious about your dental appointment, you don’t have to be!  We offer nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to any of our patients who want to try it.  There is no fee for this, we just want you to be as comfortable as possible!
What is it?  Nitrous oxide is a gas which you can breathe in and out. It is colorless, sweet smelling, and non-irritating.  The best part is that it means safer, quicker, and more comfortable dental care for you!
Nitrous oxide allows you to relax, which can greatly reduce the fear, nervousness, and tension associated with dental procedures. You do, however, remain in complete control.  You are fully conscious and can follow directions easily.  While you may not burst out laughing, you should feel very relaxed and comfortable.
It works very fast!  Nitrous oxide reaches the brain in about 20 seconds, and it only takes about 2-3 minutes to completely relax.
The amount of sedation can be changed very easily, by turning the amount of nitrous up or down.  The effects are almost instantaneous.  Other forms of sedation have more of a fixed duration of time because the effects of pills or IV sedation have a specific amount of time needed to run their course.  Nitrous can be administered only when needed and turned off as soon as the procedure is done.
When we do turn off the nitrous, we will then switch it to all oxygen.  The nitrous dissipates very quickly and you are able to go right back to your daily activities, such as work or school.