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Giving Smiles, Creating Hope

If you haven’t heard about our Giving Smiles, Creating Hope program, we encourage you to read about it below!  You can also watch the YouTube video Dr. Dykstra made talking about it.

We have received tons of nominations already but are still accepting more!

Giving Smiles, Creating Hope
You HAVE to read this story!  (But get a tissue first, because you just might cry!)
A few weeks ago, in mid-December, one of our wheelchair-bound patients came in to make a payment on his long-overdue bill.  While he was about to pay, another patient of ours was waiting for her sons to finish their dental appointments.  From the conversation between him and the receptionist, it was evident that he had had a few rough months between his car breaking down and other things that came up.  She stepped up and paid his entire $151 bill!  They didn’t know each other, and he first refused her help, but she simply said “Merry Christmas, I’ve got this.”

He shared this with us on our Facebook page later that day: “First time I almost cried at the dentist ….in a long time…and you know me…”the mayor of jibber jabber” first time I was speechless… your office is not only staffed and run by the nicest / understanding people in Gods wonderful world… you also have the kindest clients ever…ever…ever… if you can find it in your heart to put up with have a loyal client for life.”
Needless to say, all of us became a bit teary-eyed when we were told about this wonderfully generous event that took place right in our office.

2013 Giving Smiles, Creating Hope

This also gives us a great way to introduce to you our 2013 Giving Smiles, Creating Hope mission.  Starting in January, we are going to select a deserving patient to provide with free dental work!  The goal will be to get one patient back to a healthy condition and then select another so we always have one ongoing.

BUT – In order to do this, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We are asking you to nominate someone in need of dental care who simply cannot afford it for one reason or another and really deserves a break.  This person could just need a cleaning, a filling, or a whole new smile!  We ask you to share their story either by email, Facebook, or written letter.  The best story will be selected and that patient will receive dental care by our office. 

Feel free to share this opportunity with your friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc.  All nominations will be accepted!  You do not need to be a current patient to send in a nomination, or be a patient to be nominated!

The first round of nominations is due January 31, so send in your nomination immediately!
Please call us with any questions! 616-669-6600

How to Nominate Someone:

·         Your nomination can be either written or on video.
·         Send an email to:
·         Share on our Facebook page:
·         Send a letter to:         Hudsonville Dental Associates
Attn: Giving Smiles, Creating Hope
3250 Central Blvd. 
Hudsonville, MI 49426