3 New Year’s Resolutions to Brighten you Smile!

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1. Purchase an Electric Toothbrush!

Research from Cochrane, an international evidence – based research firm, shows that using an electric toothbrush will reduce dental plaque 21 percent and gingivitis (i.e., inflammation of the gums) 11 percent after three months of use.

For the month of January, Hudsonville Dental is running a sale on Oral-B Electric toothbrushes. The normal retail price in a big box store is $159.99, but with our special sale and rebate your final cost is only $79.99! What a great deal, and nice way to start your new year.

2. Get your dental cleaning and checkup twice a year!

The American Dental Associations recommends that you visit your dentist for a cleaning at least once a year.

Some of the major benefits of getting a teeth cleaning are:

  1. To prevent cavities
  2. Brighten your smile
  3. Stop tooth loss
  4. Freshen your breath
  5. Boost your overall health

3. Begin whitening your teeth!

Whitening your teeth is a great way to make your smile brighter!

Hudsonville Dental has many great options for teeth whitening that include:

  1. In Office Whitening (includes take home whitening and trays)
  2. White Teeth for Life Program
  3. Sheer White Strips

Call today (616-669-6600) to learn more, We would love to help you brighten your smile and make your New Year’s Resolution a reality!





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