Giving Smiles, Creating Hope

Giving Smiles, Creating Hope Update
Meet Courtney!  

Courtney is the winning patient of our first round of Giving Smiles, Creating Hope!  Here’s the nomination we received from her aunt:
“My name is Susan and I am one of your current patients. I would like to nominate my niece Courtney for dental care who cannot afford it! Courtney is a young 26-year-old single widow whose husband passed away just over a year ago. Courtney is the mother of three children.  Courtney has no home and is currently living with her parents, working on getting disability to this point, but no income, lost her medical insurance coverage, and went over a year ago to see a dentist who told her she has several cavities, but she had no way to pay for the dental repair to her teeth. Courtney has shared with me her teeth hurt really badly at times, but without any money, she cannot afford to have any dental work performed. Life has been so hard on my niece, she really deserves a break! Please have mercy on my niece, and seriously consider her for helping her and take some pain away from her life. Thanks for taking the time to read this note; Courtney could really use your help.”
Courtney has been in our office a couple of times now and we’ve started on her treatment!  She will be receiving over $6000 in dental care to get her mouth back into fantastic shape.  We’ll keep you posted as her treatment continues!

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