Monthly Archives: December 2011

Why do we take so many pictures?

At my office, we are constantly using intraoral cameras to photograph the condition of your teeth.  We use a small, handheld wand-like camera that can take digital pictures of a single tooth or an area of your mouth.  The digital photos are then viewed on a computer screen, so we can show you what we see in your mouth. 
We use cameras for a number of reasons.  First, we use the cameras during your hygiene appointments to show you how well you are doing with your regular homecare.  We can then show you what areas you need to focus on more while brushing. 
Next, we use the intraoral camera to show you any potential problems we see.  The camera can show you a crack in a back molar, indicating that the tooth will need a crown before it breaks.  Cameras can also reveal cavities, lost fillings, and other mouth conditions that may be hard for you to see in the mirror. 
Intraoral cameras help us to diagnose problems in their early stages—which means we can catch problems earlier, resulting in less invasive treatment for you.  They also help us to diagnose the problem with you, so you aren’t left wondering where that mysterious crack in your tooth might be.  You will be able to see it for yourself!  We can then store the photo in your chart, where it is easily retrievable to monitor the tooth over time, or to submit to your dental insurance company to aid in the payment of a claim.