Digital Impression Taking

Many of our patients have told me that they find the impression process uncomfortable as well, especially those with strong gag reflexes.  For those that haven’t had the experience, the dentist or assistant will place a tray full of wet putty in your mouth, ask you to breathe through your nose, and allow it to sit there for 8-10 minutes. 
The good news is that dental technology is advancing, and there is another way!  My patients were very excited when we incorporated new technology that could capture the impressions digitally. 
Instead of a goopy mess, the machine takes the impression using a compact, hand-held wand.  It takes a series of images of the teeth and puts it into a digital model.  This electronic model is then sent via a secure connection to the company headquarters, where it is milled into a traditional model.  The model is then sent on to our lab, who will make the crown or bridge. 
The process is also much faster.  Scanning the teeth usually takes 3-5 minutes for a crown, whereas the traditional method called for 8-10 minutes of putty in the mouth.  In addition, the digital impression creates an exact replica of what is in your mouth, so the crown or bridge is more precise and fits much more accurately!  This means your appointment times are shorter, so you can spend less time at the dental office and more time doing the things you really love!
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